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Product NameNatureDescription
Classo Wet SFLAnionicLow Foam Wetting Cum Rewetting Agent
Classo Wet NXCNon-IonicConcentrated Eco-Friendly Wetting Agent
Classo OTLAnionicConcentrated All Purpose Wetting and Rewetting Agent For Textile Wet Process
Classo 5XAnionicAPEO Free - Wetting & Rewetting Agent for Mercerisation of Cotton
Classo LNAnionicHigh Performance Liquid Detergent for Wetting, Scouring, Despercing and Mercerisation
Classo AB OilNon-IonicBiodegradable Emulsifier for Wetting cum Penetrants for All Print Pastes
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo ScourexAnionicScouring Agent with Anti-Redeposition and Grease Removing Property with Excellent Wetting and Rewetting Properties
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo Mercer PEAnionicNon-Cresylic Anionic Mercerizing Wetting Agent, Stable to Highly Alkaline Baths
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo DesizingCelluloseA Unique Desizing Enzyme Formulation with Wetting and Lubrication Properties
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo DefoamerNon-IonicTo completely break the already formed foam within few seconds
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo Cidacla CLAnionicVery Class Demineralising and Sequesting Agent for Removal of Heavy Metal Impurities
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo Stabilizer - PStabilizerIt is an Organic Stabilizer for Continuous and Semi Continuous Bleaching of Cotton Textiles
Classo Stabilizer - NSStabilizerNon-Silicate Stabilizer for Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo HP PKCatalase EnzymeEnzymatic Peroxide Killer
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo D - PasteAnionicWashing off Agent With Strong Detergency for Reactive Dyeing
Classo Liquid D - PasteAnionicWashing off / Soaping, Dispersing & Chelating / Complexing Agent
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo Dye - Fixing AgentCationicCationic Dye-Fixing Agent Improves the Fastness of Goods with Direct or Reactive Dyes
Classo 'O' FixNon-Formadelhyde Dye Fixing AgentNon-Formadelhyde Dye Fixing Agent Improves the Fastness of Goods Direct and Reactive Dyes without Shade Changing
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo Soft CSCationicHigh Performance Cationic Softner for Cellulosics & Synthetics in Paste form. The product is APEO Free
Classo CS-100CationicConcentrated Yellowing 100% Cationic Softner in Cakes form
Classo Soft NISNon-Ionic SoftnerNon-Ionic Softner Mainly Recommended for Synthetic, Cellulose Wool Cotton Fabrics for the Smoothness for Non-Yellowing in Character
Classo Soft NIS-100Non-Ionic Softner100% Non-Ionic Softner in Cakes Form
Classo NYSNon-Yellowing SoftnerNon-Yellowing Substantive Softner all type of Fabric Gives Soft and Bounce Feeling without Colour Change
Classo SilicomineSilicon SoftnerAn Amino Silicone Micro Emulsion Applicable by the Exhaust Method. Especially Designed to give very Smooth, Soft and Supple Feel on Knitted Goods and Garments
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo Colour BRNonionic SoftnerEnhances Depth of Shade After Dyeing. Improves Brightness / Luster, No Adverse Effect on Fastness. Suitable for all Types of Substrates and Shades, Compatible with Finishing Softners. Improves Hand Feel and Tearing Strength
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo LIQ NeutraDehydrated Sodium Salt DerivativeNeutralizing Agent for Hypo
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo Soda CONNon-IonicReplacement for the Soda-Ash in Pre-Treatment and Dyeing
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo PVE EmulsionNon-IonicImparts Body Handle & Stiffness with Surface Smoothness to Cotton Textiles and Interlinks
Classo PVA SolutionNon-IonicProduce Flexable Stiff Handle with Body to the Treated Articles. Suitable for White and Colour Goods
Classo AMHNon-IonicIt Imparts a Combination of two or more of the Desirable Properties Such as Stiffness, Filling, Smoothness and Fuller Feel to the Finished Fabrics
Stiff FFNon-IonicProduct Give Flexible Stiff Handle With Body Treated Articles. Suitable for White and Colour Goods
Stiff BondNon-IonicIt Improves the Excellent Stiff Body and Penetrate Cellulose Fabric Cotton and Polyster. It Gives Very Good Flim Finishing Over the Fabric
Glaze PasteNon-IonicSpeciality Softening for all Types of Fabric and Imparts Excellent Surface and Softness and Increase the Fabric Weight
Classo TRONon-IonicIt is a Highly Sulphonated Product. Its High Degree of Sulphonation Offers Excellent Wetting and Dispersing Power and Great Stability to Acid and Hard Water
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo Binder SK40Cross Linkable Acrylate Co-PolymerBinder for Pigment Printing of Cellulosics and their Blends
Classo Binder FKLNCross Linkable Acrylate Co-PolymerBinder for Tie & Dye Hosiery Fabrics
Product NameNatureDescription
Classo KB OilAlkalineEconomical Penetrating Agent to Improve Penetration of all Printing Paste With Foam Supressing Properties
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Acetic Acid
  • Dicyandiamide
  • Ammonium Chloride
  • Formaldehyde
  • Green Acid
  • Poly Vinyl Alcohol
  • Acrylamide
  • Hydro Chloric Acid
  • Acid Slurry
  • Borax
  • Pine Oil
  • White 2B
  • White 2B AA
  • Reactive Dyes
  • Ramazol
  • Direct Dyes
  • Pigment
  • Printo DP10
  • Vat Dyes
  • Calcite Powder
  • Sodium Bi - Carbanate

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